Weeknotes 01 - High humidity warning

  • Summer is here in full force, bringing around 29°C temperatures at 84% humidity. Fun times with the children (we have a small paddling pool on the balcony), but really hard to focus in front of a screen for extended periods. We are still somewhat sceptical of going to beach, but we are inclined to starting going during the week after picking up the children.

  • Work on Chargy continues in full swing. This week I started doing some customer support together with development work, which I find really valuable. Interacting with customers brings a lot of insight and truly centers your work around outcomes more than outputs.

  • The warm weather has made me postpone the streaming plans somewhat - this sounds a lot like falling into the procrastination trap, but it truly is hard to find the energy during a weekend right now. Besides, children do not stay children forever and I’d rather spend time with them having fun in the sun rather than having them endure more “dad is on the computer time”.

  • We’ve been exploring some lesser known parks in our vicinity - today we spend the morning at Quinta das Devesas. It is gorgeous, cool and usually quite empty. Total win.

  • While the streaming is postponed, I did start some work on the project that will be the content for that. More on that later this week, but had some fun around user journey mapping and product development work.

  • This happens to me at a somewhat alarming frequency, but I’ve gotten stuck on repeat to a Nick Cave tune. Thought I’d give it a share.