Weeknotes 00 - Is this on?

  • Having moved the site from a Rails app to a simple Jekyll site, I thought it would be a good time to give this weeknote thing a go. We are just a bit past the halfway mark on the year, but it has been such a strange one that I feel it matters to start weekly reflections mid way.

  • Next Thursday (the 16th) will mark my first month working full time at Chargy. So far, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. It is truly an excellent team and the project has immense potential. My first month has been dealing with the challenges of monitoring hundreds of charge points out in the wild. It is fascinating as a problem and I might write up some thoughts on it specifically.

  • Related to the above, it is the first job I’ve had that a) my eldest child has understood and b) has caused her to be really excited (opposite of “Dad just looks at a computer all day”). I happened to have overheard her having a video call with one of her teachers (yes, I know…) and she was so excited explaining “Dad’s new job is awesome! He helps charge cars with lamp posts, he is saving the planet and helping the future be better!”. To which she got a rather puzzled reply of “Sure, your dad has a lot of… ehr, imagination?”. That really made me smile.

  • Earlier in the year, I decided I would start streaming on Twitch. This week, I’ve finally gotten all my streaming gear setup and configured, so now it is time to take the plunge. I’ll write about the setup and update the site with a streaming section soon. I am dead set on this idea not becoming “yet another gym membership”. Thanks to everyone that helped with feedback on audio, video, content and the thousand questions I asked!

  • I haven’t watched anything interesting lately - this house is firmly ruled by “She-ra and the Princesses of Power” and “Cleo and Cuquin”. Rather a jarring juxtaposition, yes. We are free from the tyranny of “My Little Pony” at least, so calling that a win.